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Since I forgot to put up the link when it was posted:… - If you were cheese ...

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August 2nd, 2007

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10:53 am
Since I forgot to put up the link when it was posted:


That was the last one I did about 2 weeks ago.

This is what the editor of the political section had to say a few days afterward, in remarks that the writer of the questions for Fact or Fiction was leaving.

"We are all going to miss Ryan, but I will have him on the radio show as regularly as we can, and he knows that he is always welcome here in the Politics Zone. By the way, Krunchy is one of my all time favorite F or F guests. Chris you did a great job, but Krunchy is an F or F legend. Krunchy does have a real first name, but I promised him that I wouldn't tell you. The fun is over now. Crow's back in charge."

So I would assume that I'll be back doing more Fact or Fictions as time dictates.

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