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hmmm, seeing if this works part 2 !! - If you were cheese ...

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June 14th, 2007

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08:25 am - hmmm, seeing if this works part 2 !!

OK, if this works, you'll be seeing a music video that my former band made in 1996, for a song that was written in 1994 (aka the local radio "hit") called Losing All Control. We were even recognized a few times in weird places (like Taco Bell) as the guys who did that song "blah blah blah losing all control!" It was a completely shitty video, shot in a Gas Station parking lot in front of a burned out limo. Enjoy the cheese factor, and try to get the song out of your head if you can! I am the singer/bassist in the video (Eric and I wrote the song) back when I had LOTS of hair.

Current Music: Losing All Control - Randall Flagg (Cardinal Law)

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